Fat-Burning Jump Rope Workout

Fat-Burning Jump Rope Workout

The 10-Minute, Fat-Burning Jump Rope Workout

Jumping rope can burn as many calories as running (and build some killer muscles), but perhaps the biggest benefit of double dutch is improving agility.

That’s why so many martial artists, boxers, and tennis players incorporate rope jumping into their training. Plus, a jump rope is the ideal size for travel (or a tiny apartment or dorm room).

New to rope jumping? Keep these basic rules in mind:

1. Keep your elbows close to your ribs.
2. Don’t choke up on the handles.
3. Allow your ankles, knees, and hips to flex when you land.
4. Keep your jumps low.
5. Hold your hands waist-high.
6. Turn the rope mainly by rotating your wrist.
7. Turn the rope first, jump second.

The Warm-Up

1. Joint rotations: Do 10 reps each of shoulder rolls, torso twists, cross crawls, and heel raises.

2. Shadow jumping: No rope needed; just jump and rotate wrists as if holding a rope. Do 20 reps each of the following jumps: basic bounce, heel taps, scissors, and ski (how-to videos below).

The Cool-Down

1. Standing calf stretch, 30 seconds per leg
2. Standing hamstring stretch, 30 seconds per leg
3. Hip flexor stretch, 30 seconds per leg
4. Standing chest stretch, 15 seconds
5. Standing cat stretch, 15 seconds 

Whether you’re looking to get an edge in your chosen sport, fit in an effective cardio session on the go, or just want to become more proficient at dodging cars while crossing the street, the workout below is for you.

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