Fixing Bad Posture With Yoga

Fixing Bad Posture With Yoga

The sedentary way of life often leads to bad posture. The bad posture is unattractive, it causes back and neck pains, and makes you look stressed.


Downward facing dog


This asana is really effective for fixing bad posture and opening up your chest. It implies straightening your back and legs, but this may be challenging for beginners. In this case, bend your knees, stand on your toes, put your thighs closer to your chest and straighten your back. The major goal for you in this pose is to straighten your back, you can work on your knees when you get more flexible.

Seated forward bend

In this asana putting stomach on your thighs is more important than grabbing your legs. Use a yoga strap to help you: put it over your feet and hold the edges in your hands, then slowly bend your back by bending your elbows. Your goal is to put your stomach on the thighs. Don’t worry if you will bend only a little. The pose will still strengthen your lower back and you will do this asana better and better with each practice.



There is a way to fix your posture even when lying in Shavasana. Here is how: take two yoga blocks or pillows,  put one under the back of your head and the other one under the shoulder blades. Make sure to find a comfortable position so that you can fully concentrate on your breath and relaxation. By the way, whenever you feel like lying on a bed to unwind, put a rolled blanket under your shoulder blades to make these moments of relaxation more beneficial for your posture.

Bonus exercise


Doing yoga regularly is a great way to get that perfect posture.

As the body adapts to the slouching, muscles in shoulders and the front of chest shorten.  And this exercise is a great way to stretch them. Stand in the doorway, put your arms on the both sides of it and lean forward.

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