nutrition advice?

nutrition advice?

Can personal trainers give nutrition advice?

It’s a hot debate: Can trainers, coaches, and other non-RD professionals give nutrition advice to their clients? You’ll be surprised (and relieved) to hear: Yes, to a degree. Here’s exactly what you’re allowed to say (and why it’s important to say it). One great way is to learn more about nutrition so you can confidently help clients improve this important area of their lives.

Health and fitness professionals desperately want to help clients eat, move, and live better. And they want to know if it’s okay to talk about nutrition with clients.

  1. What personal trainers, coaches, and other non-RD fit pros can’t do when it comes to nutrition.
  2. What personal trainers, coaches, and other non-RD fit pros can do when it comes to nutrition.
  3. Why it’s important to talk about nutrition in the first place. Unless they deal with the stress someone is under, the sleep problems they’re having, and the common ways in which their diets are working against them, their gym prescriptions will be far less effective.

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