This Yoga-Inspired Workout Makes Women Feel Sweaty

This Yoga-Inspired Workout Makes Women Feel Sweaty

This Yoga-Inspired Workout Makes Women Feel Sweaty

Growing up, she trained as a gymnast and a competitive skier until she was sidelined by a knee injury, which led her to start teaching yoga. But she found yoga’s movements were too “linear” to make a woman’s body move the way it should. (This is actually pretty plausible: While today’s yoga classes are often dominated by ladies, yoga evolved as a dudes-only practice — specifically as a way for male monks to release excess energy before meditating.)

And that revealing outfit is what Gold (who happens to be a gorgeous, artfully tattooed blonde) encourages all of her students to wear. It’s not about showing off, though — the idea is for women to get comfortable moving around in their own skin and to start dealing with any kind of insecurities they may have about their bodies.

Standard yoga poses such as Child’s Pose, Triangle, and Warriors I and II were interspersed with squatting, bouncing, and jumping to hip hop music, and while there were a few opportunities for rest, I found myself quickly out of breath.

The skimpy dress style reinforces that notion; Gold wants women to see, and feel at ease in, their own skin. “Women genuinely want to look at their bodies, connect with them, and get comfortable looking at [them] in a way that maybe they haven’t before.

It wasn’t until about halfway through the class that I started rethinking my assumptions about the way I’d been moving my body. Miley Cyrus twerks at the VMAs and eyes widen in shock; Beyoncé slaps her booty at the Super Bowl and attracts applause from adoring fans.

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