The Precision Nutrition Level

The Precision Nutrition Level

At its basic level, the PN Level 2 Certification Master Class is a hands-on, practice-based, mentored program that covers both the art and the science of nutrition coaching at the elite level.

That means:

  • We’ve reviewed thousands of academic and clinical studies.
  • We’ve worked with (and learned from) close to 50,000 clients.
  • We’ve trained and mentored thousands of students.
  • And we’ve collaborated with experts in a variety of fields from psychology to business strategy. We’ve designed this intensive, year-long program to meet the needs of fitness, strength, health and rehab professionals working with clients in a training or coaching environment. 
    • A broad base of nutrition knowledge that reflects the most up-to-date research and practice in the field.
    • A broad base of applied psychology knowledge that helps them understand client motivation and behavior (yes, even the “illogical” stuff!).
    • An ability to deliver and communicate that great nutrition and psychology knowledge to actually improve client’s lives.
    • An understanding of specific populations (such as athletes) or life stages (such as youth / aging or pregnancy) and how to tailor programs precisely for their needs.
    • The confidence and clarity that comes from having practiced foundational skills consistently, under the direction of qualified and caring mentors.
    • An understanding of how to position their coaching business within a competitive market, and how to run it effectively.

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