Health Power

Health Power

Diabetes Prevention and Control

 If you have diabetes, control it, so that it won’t control you, by:

  • Keeping all your medical and other clinical appointments
  • Staying physically active and following your food plan
  • Having your eyes checked every year
  • Examining your feet often, and taking good care of them
  • Taking care of your teeth and gums
  • Not smoking, and
  • Monitoring your blood glucose (blood sugar) level often.
    1. Prevention of diabetes is possible.
    2. Diabetes Control Matters A Lot!
    3. Another name for diabetes is diabetes mellitus.
      1. Most adults who develop diabetes develop Type 2 diabetes
      2. Another name for Type 2 diabetes is non-insulin dependent diabetes
      3. Type 2 diabetes usually occurs in overweight or obese individuals. Therefore, weight control is closely related to preventing diabetes.
        1. Diabetes prevention and control are important because of possible serious complications of diabetes.
          1. Possible complications of diabetes include: kidney failure | heart disease |vision loss or blindness | gangrene


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